Precast Concrete Piling

Precast Concrete Piles are versatile and suited to most ground conditions.  They are reinforced concrete sections which are manufactured off site in discrete standard lengths which are connected by designed joints to achieve the required length.  They are moulded in various sections but are generally supplied in square sections up to around 400mm. Precast concrete piles are cast and cured in a casting yard and then transported to site for driving by a rig mounted hammer.

This is a displacement technique which results in little or no spoil arisings requiring disposal.  Speed of installation is rapid and the piles are not affected by the presence of groundwater.  Piles are driven to the required design length and any excess can be cut off with purpose designed cutters allowing follow on trades to commence.

We supply piles in 200mm, 250mm and 275mm square sizes in sections from 3m to 9m in length to suit the design loading requirements.  Piles are generally spigot jointed but full moment joints are available.