Steel Tube Piling

We supply top driven heavy walled piles between 140mm and 244mm in diameter in sections from 3m to 12.5m long. The sections are API grade steel and recycle material from the oil and gas industry. Due to their slim cross section and low displacement steel tube piles can be driven in noise and vibration sensitive situations where other pile types would not be suitable.

Driven in lengths up to 14m, the high strength of the steel section provides the advantage of being suited to aggressive and complex ground conditions containing natural stone obstructions, sloping rock head or contamination.  The piles are continuously driven using a threaded coupler joint where required and any off cuts are used on subsequent piles minimising wastage.  Trimming of the piles is generally undertaken by flame cutting eliminating the risk of hand arm vibration.

Driven steel tubular piling is a displacement technique resulting in no arisings that would require disposal.  This, and the resistance to chemical attack of the material, makes them ideal for use in contaminated ground conditions.  Once trimmed the piles are immediately available for follow on trades.