Turnkey Projects

A E Yates Directional Drilling can offer you a full turnkey solution, whether it is a short run of horizontal directional drilling installed under a road, stream, or an immovable object, to long pipeline lengths. In addition to supplying the pipe or duct, the welding and the installation we also offer launch and reception pit excavation and backfill, connection of airvalves, hydrants and washouts for water mains and manhole box building. If you require a simple air test, mandrel, or a full hydrostatic pressure test, we can do that too. Our operatives are trained and skilled in butt fusion and electrofusion welding of PE plastics and we use the latest in modern equipment to guarantee the integrity of the weld. An increasing number of contractors are requiring a one stop shop and we can be that shop.

Horizontal directional drilling can be used to install potable and foul water pipes, gas pipes and communications ducting in single drills or multiple configurations. It can also be used to install welded steel high pressure fuel and gas pipelines, dependent on ground conditions and lengths required. We do it all in locations that range from busy urban areas to the most remote parts of the UK and our experienced staff are on hand to offer advice regarding the
best solution.

We can also potentially offer alternative solutions for projects that may have been designed using an auger bored installation method. As we have extensive past experience in auger boring we know the requirements and would be delighted to discuss how we may assist in providing a better value solution.