Flood Prevention Works

A E Yates Limited understand the importance of safeguarding communities and ecosystems from the devastating outcomes of flooding. We have a duty of care and commitment to the resilience of our local communities.

Flood prevention projects:

A590 Cross-a-Moor junction improvement scheme

  • Client: National Highways

This project involved constructing a new and extensive network of drainage, which will include two attenuation ponds at each of the respective outfall locations. This will reduce flooding around the area.

St Leonards Avenue, Bolton

  • Client: The Environment Agency

A E Yates’ works included replacement of debris screen which was causing flooding which was distressing local residents. We installed coconut based matting to increase biodiversity on the project. As part of the works we also constructed a new path leading to the debris screen to ensure future access and preservation.

Rothsea Drain Slip

A E Yates works involved building a supporting wall through placing stone bags and building them up to form a ‘drain slip’ so water from the road can drain off. This reduces the chances of flooding on the road which improves the safety for the community.

Temple Sowerby

A E Yates built up the river bank by installing large stones, filling the void between the large stones with clean stone, we installed weed control membrane barrier and applied core matting. These works will reduce the flooding of the riverbank.

Midgey Gill Watercourse, Cumbria

  • Client: Environment Agency & Woodland Trust

Midgey Gill is a small stream / watercourse which runs through Midgey Wood (which is managed by the  Woodland Trust) in Whitehaven. A reach of the watercourse of approximately 30 metres has been  culverted with a large circular reinforced concrete pipe approximately 1 metre in diameter, with a trash- screen located at the inlet.