Bridges, Retaining Walls & Culverts

A E Yates are bridging the gap in the critical network of bridge construction and demolition, including the unique challenges of building and re-building over water.

Bridges, retaining walls and culverts projects:

Roch valley Greenway Crossing, Bury

  • Client: Bury MBC

A E Yates installed a bridge over Roch Valley to replace an older bridge which was unsafe for public use. This bridge links the community with nature walks and a local farm. Our works included piling the foundation and rebuilding the stone retaining wall. We installed the pre-fab steel foot/equestrian bridge of a c.40m span and we completed general highway construction for bridge approaches including kerbs and blacktop.

Farndon Bridge, Cheshire

  • Client: Cheshire West & Chester Council

A E Yates extended the concrete deck and waterproofing and resurfaced the main carriageway and footways on the bridge. We carried out alterations to the existing surface water drainage provision and installed new traffic signal systems. A E Yates also carried out remedial work to the existing bridge stonework.

Leeds Bridge

  • Client: Leeds City Council

A E Yates’ work included bridge maintenance and repair to parapets, pre-casting concrete deck, waterproofing, surfacing and painting ironwork which included stanchions to the underside of the bridge using Termarust. Work was completed in 4 independent phases to maintain traffic and pedestrian routes in a busy city centre location.

Greyhound Bridge, Lancaster

  • Client: Lancashire County Council

A E Yates completed major maintenance and repairs which involved breaking out the concrete deck nosing by hydro demolition for 20hr expansion and discontinuity joints of 250m structure over the River Lune. We re-cast nosing in-situ including deck and cantilever and introduced Catholic protection systems around new joints and prepared and painted the steel base and internal aspects of the bridge. A E Yates also completed concrete repairs.

Key Street Bridge, Summerset

  • Client: Bury MBC

A E Yates’ works included temporary works in the river and scaffolding, stone Piers and Abutments with concrete infill. We precast Flexiarch and spandrels, foamed concrete infill over arch and constructed a concrete slab, stone cladding and parapets and completed highway construction.

Newlay Lane Bridge

  • Client: Leeds City Council

A E Yates prepared and painted the ironwork on Newlay Lane Bridge which is over River Aire, we also made concrete deck repairs and waterproofing.