Renewable Energy (Wind & Hydro)

A E Yates are at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, we specialise in the infrastructure development of wind farms, providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to power the future.

Renewable Energy Projects:

Cumberhead West Farm, Douglas, South Lanarkshire.

Project Value: £29m

Client: Scottish Power Renewables

Project: PC for the Construction of an 20 No turbine wind farm at Douglas, South Lanarkshire.

Scope of Works:

AEY are engaged by Scottish Power Renewables through a comprehensive four stage tender process, to design and construct a twenty turbine wind farm with associated on site access track and crane hardstanding infrastructure in order to deliver and erect the largest turbine components built within the UK on-shore market; This scope included the development, approval and implementation of all site plans to comply with local planning conditions for the project.

Design and construction of the on-site access track and hardstanding infrastructure to facilitate access for all vehicles transporting materials to site.

Drainage and pollution controls were established including the formation of several km of peat lined drains, temporary silt traps were constructed to prevent any kind of silt, soil, sediment, metals, or pesticides from entering the local resident’s water supply.

Careful 3D modelling was carried out to ensure that locally excavated materials could be utilised adjacent, minimising cost and pollution.

Eighteen small water course crossings will be designed and installed by A E Yates Ltd. which will provide new habitats for the surrounding wildlife.

A E Yates Ltd. will start the construction of twenty WTG gravity bases, inclusive of associated hard standings to suit Nordex N149 turbines. The bases will all be poured in single stage pours using Green Concrete. The benefits of Green Concrete are:

  • Makes use of industrial waste.
  • Requires less energy.
  • Lowers carbon dioxide emission.
  • Beneficial for contractors.
  • Longer lasting.

In addition, A E Yates Ltd. are designing and constructing several off-site temporary highway modifications from George V Docks, Glasgow, to site, to enable delivery of the Turbine Components to site.

Pines Burn WF, Hawick, Borders’

Project value: £9.9M

Client: EnergieKontor

Project: PC for Phase 1 and the Construction of a 7 No turbine wind farm at Pines Burn Hawick, Borders.

A E Yates Ltd. were engaged by EnergieKontor on a competitive tender in order to develop and deliver the scheme. This included the development, approval, and implementation of site plans to comply with all local planning conditions for the project.

In addition A E Yates Ltd. are constructing many off site temporary highway extension from Rosyth to site, as well as permanently reprofiling the A68 north of Hawick, in order to enable delivery of the Nordex N133 blades at c.70m length these blades also need a bespoke Blade Lifter vehicle to transfer them to their ultimate destination, once they have been delivered to a dedicated off site Blade Transfer Point at nearby Maxton.

Longhill Burn WF & ICP Grid Connection, West Calder, West Lothian

Project Value: £19m

Project: PC for the Construction of an 8 No turbine wind farm and Connection to Grid at Livingstone East on behalf of SPEN under an ICP Agreement.

A E Yates Ltd. completed the design, construction and electrical fit out of the 33kV WF Sub Station to EK, SGRE and SPEN Specifications and additionally completed the design, construction and commissioning of the off site Grid Connection route to Livingstone East Substation on behalf of SPEN. This element of the works required careful and sympathetic design and construction over a 12km route, crossing nature reserves, highway and private property with agreement;

In addition A E Yates Ltd. are constructing seventeen off site temporary highway modifications from George V Docks, Glasgow, to site, to enable delivery of the SGRE Turbine Components.

AGR Wind Turbine – Wairds of Alpity, Arbuthnott

Works completed by A E Yates included:

  • Widening of existing access roads for turbine delivery.
  • Construction of new access roads, turning area, laydown area and crane base.
  • Excavation to turbine base
  • Construct RC turbine base
  • Ducting works
  • Installation of electrical works