Case Study

A1 Catterick to Thrintoft North Yorkshire

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Contract No.
Ground Conditions
Clay / Gravels / Cobbles


A1 Catterick to Thrintoft

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd were contracted to install 200m of 6” free issue steel gas pipe for Fastflow Energy.
Fastflow Energy were installing the 6” gas pipe diversion for Northern Gas Networks and required the installation to cross the new A1 and the old A1 which was still running at the time of installation. We used our American Augers DD110 50 – Ton drill rig as the ground conditions were not the best, the ground was clay / cobbles and gravels, the line of the drill was straight and the profile of the drill was not to exceed the bend radius of the steel pipe to be installed. On the pilot drill we did hit a few cobbles and deflections but we regained the profile as soon as the ground would let us.
The drill line was monitored accurately using our F5 walkover locating system and the only place we couldn’t get over the top to accurately take a depth reading was on the running lanes of the old A1. The F5 locating system has a forward drill to the box setting which is very handy in this situation, the locating box was then placed near the crash barrier on the far side and the depth typed into the box, the driller then accurately steered to the depth of the required path. Once the pilot drill had reached the exit pit, a small reamer was run through to the required size the pushed back for the pipe installation.
This project was successfully delivered on time and within budget and a very happy client.