Case Study

Kyleakin Feed Mill Isle of Skye


R J McLeod
ABI TM 20 Telescopic Leader Rig with optional attachments
Contract No.


Kyleakin Feed Mill

SPI Piling Ltd, were employed to Supply and Install 65nr 1220 dia x 27.5m long tubular piles & 64nr pairs AZ26-700 sheet piles 19.6m long (infill Piles) to form a new quay wall (overall length 171m appx) around the footprint of the existing pier, as part of the new development at Kyleakin Feed Mill.
Conventional piling using piling gates, 250t crawler crane & piling hammers up to CG210 size, were used for the installation of the combi wall.
Deliveries of tubes & piles were made by boat & offloaded alongside the existing pier using the large crawler crane. Completion of the remaining 70 linm of new quay wall (AZ28 sheet piles 19.6 to 14.6m, long) this was carried out using a telescopic leader rig, working alongside the edge of the existing quay wall. New permanent sheet piles for new slipway walls & anchor walls (AZ26-700 & AZ18-700 sheet pile pairs 6.0 to 15.2m long) were installed using a ABI TM20 Telescopic Leader Rig with crawler crane in attendance. For the completion of the piling works to the new slipway, some of the works were carried out tidally as the end of the new slipway wall extends appx 10m pas low water mark. Upon completion of the sheet piling and combi-wall works, tie rods were supplied and installed to complete the permanent works (installed using a combination of crawler crane & large tracked excavator)