Case Study

Osney Power Station Oxford


Graham Contractors
Contract No.
Kowan WP150 TOSA Stillworker


Osney Power Station, Oxford

Graham Contractors, were renovating an old pumping station on behalf of one of the Oxford Colleges, next to a canalised section of the River Thames, close to the centre of Oxford.

Part of their works required them to repair the existing wall below water level however the challenge was how to get it in.

The site is in an old part of the city, surrounded by narrow streets of old terraced houses and the canal was used by leisure craft so could not be obstructed.

The access onto the water was from a yard at the end of the power station however floating plant was not an option as it would have blocked the canal.

SPI Piling Ltd's Solution was to:

* Use a silent and vibrationless piler so as not to cause any disturbance to the many houses that were close by.
* Use a specialist clamp crane that walks along the top of the piles, behind the silent piler, to feed the piles to the silent