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Swansea Pier Swansea


Contract No.
Alun Griffith Ltd
Tidal Protection Works


Swansea Pier

SPI Piling Ltd were employed by Alun Griffiths Ltd to extend the existing sheet piled wall within the tidal basin at Swansea to facilitate the extending of the existing marina.
Once installed the 16m long sheet piles had a concrete capping beam cast at the head with railings fixed to create additional space for development up against the marina’ edge.
The sheet pile wall construction was made complicated in that the sheet piles had already been purchased by the Welsh Government prior to SPI Piling Ltd being engaged on the project and they had been purchased in 8m lengths. This meant each sheet pile had to be structurally extended by welding each pile in position during installation and the final finished level ensuring each pile was castellated to maintain structural integrity.
The piles were pitched and driven using a crawler crane and vibratory hammer with a structural steel frame guiding system, owing to the very limited access in the marina.
The piles were subsequently impact driven using the same system.