MacMillan Mighty Hike

Helen and Vicky from AEYates, accompanied by Vicky’s husband Fini and Helen’s friend Emily, had an early start on Saturday 2nd July 2022 at 4am when there alarm woke them up to the sound of howling winds and lashing down rain!! Brilliant—just what they wanted. Their team ‘should have known better’. Not to be deterred by the weather, off they set for Malham showground in the Yorkshire dales, after a quick detour back home to check the hob was turned off we arrived late! Quick costume adjustments and they were off.

The first mile took forever as they were at the back (because they were late!) lots of gates and stiles and waiting for folks to crack on slowed them right down with very few places to pass but by the time they reached the first pit stop at 8 miles they had managed to break away from the crowds and marched on.

Filling their rucksacks with Haribo’s, smarties, chocolate and snacks, onwards they went.

The weather turned out to be perfect, not too hot and just fine drizzle, no need for waterproofs, lunch stop was around 14 miles, Helen and Vicky had taken there own sandwiches so they just picked up more chocolate and cake, to stash in there rucksack and they were off again.

They all said the scenery was beautiful through the magnificent Yorkshire Dales National Park. They were following The River Aire to Janet’s Foss waterfall and through pretty market towns including Malham and Grassington.

The final pit stop was around 18 miles with promises of ‘bubbles at the finish’ more stashing of snacks by them all and then went off enthusiastic that they had nearly done it. The teams word’s were “Holy cow” at 19 miles there was the biggest hill ever…no one was talking, just lots of heads down and heavy breathing! You’d think the downhill would be easy but actually the downs were worse than the ups, thinking to themselves – “maybe it’s our old bones, they really don’t know but 23/24 miles was a real struggle”. Just as they thought it was all too much they got a sight of the marquee and carparks where they started hours ago. They crossed that finish line after 26 miles at 4.48 having started at 7.10 in the morning. And yes there was a glass of bubbles, for them all to enjoy and a medal and more food laid on. The team said “It was a great day and thank god we are fit enough to be able to do it in the first place”.

900 hikers started the hike and Team AEYates, finished around place 150, so not a bad day at all.

In total they raised £1195, They Thank dearly to those of you who sponsored them, and to AEY charitable trust who donated £200