Soil Stabilisation

Soil Stabilisation has many attractions in today's construction market.

Cost and environmental benefits figure largely in the appeal of the soil modification process which enables granular and cohesive soils to be upgraded by the in-situ mixing of binders with the host material.

Typical applications of soil stabilisation include:

  • Waterlogged site (rapid reduction of moisture content)
  • Car and lorry parks
  • Foundations for floor slabs
  • Highway pavement construction
  • Airport runways, taxiways and aprons
  • Reclamation and remediation of contaminated land

These are three levels of treatment in the soil stabilising process:

1) Modification / Improvement
This is the reduction of high moisture content in otherwise acceptable materials to enable the excavation, placing and compaction of general fill to be carried out in an efficient and economical manner. This is commonly done by the introduction of small amounts of quicklime, typically 0.5% to 2.5% by dry mass. The required amount is usually determined by basic laboratory monitoring & testing.

2) Stabilising
The mixing of binders and water with the host material to give a lightly cemented product with long term strength and durability. The proportions of the mix constituents are designed and proved by laboratory and engineer checks.

3) Enhanced Stabilising
This is a development of stabilising, giving a higher quality material with better performance. Commensurate with this are more stringent design requirements and tighter on-site control and testing.

Here are videos of Combined Soil Stabilisation carrying out Soil Stabilisation

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Here we have a large range of case studies for sites where we have carried out Soil Stabilisation to varying ground conditions for many end applications including roads and carriageways, commercial developments, water treatment works and more.

Lime Stabilisation - Minworth WWTWSoil Stabilisation - The Stages

Case Studies

Study Project Date  
Soil Stabilisation at Hinkley Point 'C' Nuclear Power Station 23/01/2015
Combined Soil Stabilisation at Jaguar Landrover, Solihull 07/01/2013
Lime Modification for Tesco Superstore, Hattersley 01/08/2011
Soil Stabilisation at Stublach Gas Storage, Northwich 01/06/2011
Soil Stabilisation at Tesco Store, Great Harwood 01/06/2011
Soil Stabilisation at Northwood Recycling, Matlock 01/04/2011
Lime Modification at Hameldon College, Burnley 01/03/2011
Cement Stabilisation at Loch Ryan Port, Stranraer 01/01/2011
Lime Modification at Sir John Thursby College, Burnley 01/12/2007
Lime Modification at Minworth WWTW 01/07/2007
Soil Stabilisation at BAE, Chadderton 01/06/2007
Soil Stabilisation at Eaves Green Link Road, Chorley 01/02/2007
Cement Stabilisation at Clydebank Towpath, Glasgow 01/11/2006
Soil Stabilisation, Leeds Bradford Airport 01/10/2005

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