Wirtgen Recyclers

We operate a large range of stabilisation plant & equipment, including integrated and non integrated Wirtgen Recyclers which include:

  • Wirtgen WR2500s for 'normal' applications (used along with a Streumaster spreader).
  • Wirtgen WS2500 - On sites where space may be an issue the WS2500 Mixer, towed by a Fendt Tractor and with the option of a front mounted spreader, is the perfect solution.
  • Wirtgen WR2500SK Integrated machines for use where dust creation could be a major problem

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Soil Stabilisation - Wirtgen WR2500SK Integrated Mixer

Wirtgen WR2500SK

The WR2500SK is at the forefront of stabilisation technology. The integrated machine spreads the binders the full working width directly in front of the mixing rotor under an enclosed hood. This eliminates the problem of dust clouds, allowing for safe and convenient work to be undertaken in built up areas.

Soil Stabilisation - Wirtgen WR2500S Standard Mixer

Wirtgen WR2500

The WR2500 is part of the more conventional method of soil stabilisation. A spreader dispenses the binders ahead of the WR2500 which then incorporates it into the ground. This method of stabilisation has the advantage of speed. By using a separate spreader, a greater quantity of the binder can be held, eliminating the need for re-filling, therefore more time is spent working.

Soil Stabilisation - Wirtgen WS2500 Tractor Towed Mixer

Wirtgen WS2500

The WS2500 is the perfect solution for sites where space is an issue. Towed by a tractor the WS2500 is suitable for sites where the larger WR machines would be too large.

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