A595 Moresby Improvements: Social Value

The scheme involved constructing drainage pipes tunnelling through the existing embankment and under the carriageway; A E Yates are also constructing two ponds on either side of the carriageway to help with water drainage. The project lasted 1 year and there were roughly 1000 inducted on site.

A E Yates’ fulfilled social value commitments during this project:

  • £3.5 million worth of social value in total!
  • 60% of budget spent on local supply chain.
  • 44 local jobs created.
  • 3 ex-armed forces recruits
  • 2 apprenticeships created.
  • 2 work experience hires (8 weeks in total).

Flower planting/grave cleaning with local residents:

Our site team saw some volunteers cleaning and maintaining the remembrance garden by the war memorial on the A595, so we sent 4 of our site team members to help them!

Tree planting with National Highways, Amey and more.

A E Yates and National Highways organised a tree planting day on the 7th March 2024 at our A595 Moresby Improvement scheme in Whitehaven to give back to the community and the environment. The volunteers arrived at 10am and with health and safety in mind, we inducted them all and provided hi vis vests, gloves and a shovel and the volunteers covered 3 main areas: the pond area, the swale and the embankment.

Overall, there were 60 volunteers from A E Yates, National Highways, Amey, DSD Construction, Morgan Sindall and members of a local college and the tree planting lasted 5 hours. Altogether, we planted 2,000 trees which will improve biodiversity in the area. A E Yates want to say thank you to all the volunteers who were there on the day, it was a fantastic day and a great way to end the project.

As part of our social value initiatives, A E Yates also:

  • Donated top soil to Happy Hours nursery who were getting groundworks done.
  • Hosted a Cumberland Council Civil Engineering Apprentice Visit.
  • Provided marshals for the Lakesman Triathlon.
  • Installed a new fence for Distington Parish Council to secure an area that is to be turned into a community garden and allotments.
  • Installed a new fence for Parton Parish Council.
  • Became a Business Partner of the social enterprise All Together Cumbria.
  • Attended Lakes College Festival of Work interacting with over 1000 year 10 school children where we ran a CAT and Genny workshop.
  • Donated a Generator for use at Parton Village Festival.
  • Donated to a fund trying to install a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD) for the Low Moresby Community – Funded by the A E Yates Charitable Trust.
  • Sponsored new shirts for Distington ARL (Rugby League Club) – Funded by the A E Yates Charitable Trust.

Easter Egg donation – March 2024

A E Yates have donated 23 Easter eggs to Barty’s food bank along with our SDF partners who were involved with the A595 Moresby Improvement project. Once collected these will be distributed in time for Easter to a number of good causes in the North West, including local hospitals, the NSPCC, CLIC Sargent (Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood), care homes, schools, women’s centres, the homeless and families in need.