A666 Salford Road Improvement: Social Value

School visit at St Augustine’s C of E Primary School on the 21st March 2024

Our Contracts Manager Ruairi Flynn and our Social Media & Social Value Co-ordinator visited St Augustine’s C of E Primary School in Manchester on the 21st March 2024; we started the school visit at 10:30am whereby we introduced ourselves and started our presentation which explained what Civil Engineering involves with pictures of our different projects (Bridges, Motorways/Roadworks and Reservoirs) as examples. The Year 6 teachers had already set them with a task before our visit to research our industry and ask questions so we spent time answering all of their questions after the presentation.

To engage the pupils of Year 6, we related our projects to their daily lives by asking them questions such as “Who drove over a bridge today on the way to school?” or “Who has seen any roadworks on the way to school today?” to make them aware that Civil Engineering projects are a part of their lives and their communities. We also introduced different job titles within our company to make them aware of the different avenues they can take so they can consider the construction industry for their future career.

We organised two activities for Year 6, the first was building construction Lego. We separated the pupils into 5 groups and gave them each a machinery Lego set to build. Once they built their machinery in their groups, they put it together to make a construction site. The second activity was building bridges out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks and they did a fantastic job and showed their creativity and collaboration.

Overall, we spent 2 hours with Year 6 and donated the Lego construction set, 30 ‘When I Grow Up’ books & 30 AEY water bottles along with other construction related merchandise.

To continue our partnership with Year 6 from St Augustine’s C of E Primary School, A E Yates Civil Engineering have invited the Year 6 pupils to our A666 site compound in Salford to see some of our machinery. This is scheduled for June 2024.