Cross-a-Moor: Award Winning Social Value

The A590 Cross-a-Moor Roundabout project in Cumbria was delivered from August 2021 to June 2022. These off-line works included the construction of a new wetland area to ease flooding in Swarthmoor whilst also creating a pedestrian footpath and seating areas around the wetland area creating a beautiful recreational site for the local community. Bio-diversity was improved by planting a variety of species including native hedgerows around the wetland area and site boundaries in general.

Whilst completing the road reconstruction, a local school passed by our site everyday and our site team built a relationship with the them. Teachers from Pennington C Of E Primary School expressed an interest in building an outside school but explained they had lacked the funding. So, A E Yates stepped in and offered to fund the entire £30,000 project!

The students and teachers gave us positive feedback and showed immense gratitude:

“Dear A E Yates, Thank you very much for the roundabout it is now much easier for us all to arrive at and leave school safely. We would also like to thank you for the toadstools. They are very comfortable and we can now watch shows in the new bandstand, that you also kindly donated to us. We love looking at the worms in the wormery.
We have enjoyed planting herbs in the herb planter and we look forward to using the herbs in our mud kitchen and in cooking activities. We are very pleased with our den building posts and we hope to make a bird hide so we can watch birds. It will be a great to watch birds on our bird table. We recently enjoyed watching Playdale install our new bench seating outside our outdoor library. Thank you for everything you very kindly donated to us, you have made our whole school very happy.”

A E Yates also installed benches for the public to use.

This was a donation to the community; we believe in giving something positive back to the public on all of our projects.