Lester Road: Award Winning Social Value

A E Yates Ltd started the project at Lester Road early 2023 for a duration of 40 weeks. We reconstructed the road to ensure access for vehicles and pedestrians was maintained whilst we excavated half of the carriageway to a depth of 750mm, we installed a reinforced trackway over the existing footway for a shared vehicle and pedestrian use.

Building a wheelchair ramp for a struggling family ‘Toms Big Build’

A E Yates were contacted by a local family who’s son Tom has cerebral palsy and cannot walk; they had to carry their son to the car every day over unlevel and unsafe grounds. They had previously arranged to build a wheelchair access but a labourer let them down last minute leaving them out of pocket. A E Yates decided to construct a large scale mobilisation of the entire property free of charge, which allows for wheelchair access! The family expressed so much gratitude and our team is still in contact with them today. A E Yates won the ‘Social Value Award’ CECA North West Awards 2023 for this project.

As part of our social values commitment to the local area we also:

  • Visited the ‘Build Salford’ event who work with people out of employment, homeless and people who are interested in a career move into the construction industry. 
  • We interviewed 10’s of people and have offered some work experience followed by full time employment to someone who was homeless and has been in long term unemployment. 
  • A E Yates Ltd have also employed local labour and have expanded our supply chain by purchasing all of the permanent works material within the local area.