Sheet Piling

Sheet Piling is the holding back or retaining of substances, i.e. earth, water etc. as against Steel Piling which is designed for structural and load bearing applications.

The piles has a mechanical connection "Interlock" at both ends of the section to enable to interlock to form a continuous wall of sheet piling. They are typically designed to create a rigid barrier for earth and water while resisting the lateral pressures of those bending forces. Sheet Piling is versatile and widely used as a quick and economical method of installing cofferdams and retaining walls, both on temporary works and permanent structures. We can also do Jagged wall piling.

Due to their versatility Sheet Piles can be used for River and Coastal Protection, Docks, Quaysides, Underground Basements, Covered Tunnels, Embankment Supports, Containment in contaminated areas, as all piles can be sealed using sealant to form a water tight seal.

Sheet Piles are used when installing cofferdams. Cofferdams come in many shapes and sizes. The circular cofferdam will also have H Piles installed, also known as UBPs or Universal Bearing Piles and also used in Steel Piling. The properties of steel mean that they can be used to resist tensile as well as comprehensive loads and they can be designed for bending. These piles provide excellent impact resistance and high strength in both compression and tension.

The Sheet Piles can be installed/extracted using conventional methods, ie vibratory or percussive, when the ground conditions are straightforward, and we have a selection of ABI Telescopic Leader Rigs with Vibratory Hammers, Hydraulic Impact Hammers, Auger Drives and several Movax units to go on our 38T Excavators.

Impact Driving is the best method for driving piles into difficult ground conditions or the final driving of piles to level in panel form. With the correct hammer it is the most effective way of completing deep penetration into hard soils in most conditions. The downside is that it is noisy and not suitable for sensitive or restricted areas.

We also use silent vibrationless techniques with our Tosa WP150 Stillworker Pile Press System. Pressing or silent and vibrationless methods are very effective in clay soils, less so in dense cohesionless ground unless pre-augering or jetting techniques are used. This is the most effective method when installing sheet piles in sensitive or restricted areas, adjacent to structures, built up areas, cities, railways etc.

In addition to the main works above, we are also able to offer various associated works like:

- Temporary and Permanent Groundworks
- Tie Rods and Anchorage Works
- Bracings
- Wailings

We also carry a comprehensive stock of new and pre-used sheet piles in a wide range of sizes and grades; this enables us to have a quick turnaround.

Corner and Junction piles are available to suit all requirements

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A Sheet Piled wall using Tie Rods

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