Steel Intensive Basements

Our in-house design team are experienced and knowledgeable in designing Steel Intensive basements that convert temporary cofferdams to permanent structures with the attendant cost, space and programme savings.

Designs are carried out to current Euro Codes, British Standards and the Steel Construction Institute Technical Document SCI P275 Steel Intensive Basements. A design life of up to 120 years can be accommodated for a steel piled basement by using the sacrificial steel thickness of the sheet piles or specialist coatings.

As a specialist installation contractor we use a range of systems to ensure that a completely watertight basement is achieved. This includes non-structural welding to the exposed sheet pile interlocks and watertight wall/basement slab connections. These construction details ensure a watertight construction which meets the waterproofing requirements of BS8102:2009 Code of Practice for Protection of Structures against Water from the Ground.

All welding works are carried out in accordance with certified and accredited Welding Procedures with associated welder qualifications, acceptance criteria and testing regimes to ensure the highest levels of quality are achieved for critical waterproofing works. A full insurance backed warranty is provided for the permanent basement solution which covers both design and waterproofing.