Integrated Foundations

Tritech Integrated Foundations are complete foundation solutions tailored to each project.  They are ideal for residential applications up to four storeys, light commercial developments and other buildings such as medical centres or schools.  The precast system of piles and beams provides a complete foundation ready to support your structure.  Traditional, timber frame, modular, or steel frame construction can all be accommodated complementing lean build aspirations by manufacturing components off site to minimise waste on site and improving programme certainty.

Our integrated packages include full pile and ground beam design and installation for projects ranging from single buildings to large scale developments.  We have a team of experienced engineers who utilise your architectural drawings with wall line loads to design the optimum configuration of piles and precast concrete ground beams to suit each project. The ground beams are designed for use with our Driven Pile or Restricted Access services.

Project specific design allows the system to accommodate a broad range of applications with allowances for specific details such as angled walls, bay windows and porches.  Drainage runs can also be accommodated with predesigned penetrations through the beams. We use factory manufactured components, ensuring consistent quality and performance, installed by our experienced site teams. 

Our single source solution for foundations delivers programme and cost benefits managed safely and efficiently on site.  Additional customer assurance is provided through compliance with all current NHBC and LABC standards.