Integrated Foundations

Designed and fabricated off site our Integrated Foundation system has many advantages over traditional wet poured concrete foundations.  Tritech Integrated Foundations are delivered to site ready for immediate installation onto our prepared pile heads. Follow-on trades such as brick and blockwork, together with suspended floors, can commence without waiting for concrete to cure.  Our beam installation rate also exceeds traditional methods with no reliance on concrete deliveries.

Project specific design allows the system to accommodate a broad range of applications with allowances for specific details such as angled walls, bay windows and porches.  Drainage runs can also be accommodated with predesigned penetrations through the beams.  Beams can be used in a range of applications from bungalows to heavier structures such as apartment blocks.  Lift pits and pre-cast stairs can also be integrated into the design.

Installation is unaffected by cold weather or rain, has no delivery issues, formwork or reinforcement fabrication is not required on site and there is no waste generated requiring disposal.