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We are currently the only contractor providing a complete solution to ‘hybrid’ sites where more than one method is required due to ground or loading conditions. Our integrated design philosophy means that we consider a site or a building holistically for optimum technique utilisation to produce the most economic design. Furthermore installation is carried out using the same rig and crew saving the cost of bringing other rigs to site, time in the induction of new crews and lost time due to site familiarisation.

The techniques we provide each offer other advantages;

  • All techniques are displacement methods producing no arisings which incur disposal costs.
  • Precast concrete, steel tubes and stone columns require no curing time and are ready to load immediately after placing. In the case of precast concrete and steel tubes the rig carries out the dynamic testing during installation negating the cost and time involved in static load testing.
  • Precast and steel tubes can be driven to resistance to accommodate varying ground conditions incurring less waste.
  • Stone columns are installed very quickly, are tested prior to our demobilisation, and can use suitably graded recycled aggregate or crushed concrete. They are a ground improvement technique to improve the load bearing capacity and reduce the settlement of the soil.

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