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James Walker Factory Cockermouth

Flood Defence Works

Story Contracting Ltd
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James Walker Factory, Cockermouth

James Walker Factory situated near Cockermouth, Cumbria has been subjected to a number of flooding incidents over recent years.
James Walker & Co. manufactures over 200,000 different fluid sealing products, including gaskets, compression packings and precision- moulded seals of virtually every size and industry standard.
About 100,000 items are held in automated warehousing ready for immediate dispatch through their distribution network covering 100 countries, and as such these flood events cause significant downtime, disrupting and temporary closures which resonate across their entire business.
In order to mitigate the impact of any future events, SPI Piling Ltd, were engaged by Cluttons PLL, at the planning stage. The work defence mechanisms for future flooding not only had to be suitable and buildable, but had to carried out adjacent a busy live facility with zero disruption to their international operations.
SPI Piling Ltd, were then employed by Story Contracting Ltd, for the installation of GU27 sheet piles to form a cut off wall to surround the existing James Walker Factory. Piles were installed using ABI Telescopic Leader Rig and Excavator with vibratory attachment.
The sheet piles are to terminate into the mudstone and be cut off to a level of 44.600mAOD. Soil loosening was required to enable sheet piles to be installed with the Movax in the raised embankment areas and along the area on the Northwest corner area of the site where the piling platform narrows off to 3.5m width.
Scope of works for pile requirements was as follows
94nr GU27N Sheet Piles X 4.0m
582nr Sheet Piles X 5.5m
205nr Sheet Piles X 5.5m