Case Study

Port Gordon Scotland


Stockton Drilling Ltd
Contract No.
ABI TM 13/16 Telescopic Leader Rig / 40Tonne Telescopic Crawler Crane


Port Gordon

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Project, is a national strategically important scheme for the Wind Energy Sector as part of the governments commitment to greener energy supply to the UK.
As part of these major projects, normally undertaken in remote parts of the UK coastline, large cables enter the coastline, bringing the power onshore into the grid.
On this particular scheme, a large cofferdam was required to facilitate the jacking of a 30inch steel casing from the onshore works area, into the inshore waters where a cable vessel would then lay the remaining elements.
SPI Piling Ltd, were employed to install 2nr sheet piled cofferdams c/w frame work so Stockton Drilling Ltd can undertake there work on Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm.
We were employed for the supply, Pre auger, installation and extraction of 2nr thrust pits/cofferdams using 70nr L604 steel sheet piles of the design length of 7.5m long - using our ABI TO 13/16 Telescopic Leader Rig.
Followed by the frame installation to both cofferdams using 356 X 406 X 287kg / m UC Wailing and 305 X 305 X 137kg / m UC Struts.
The above operations were fed / installed using a hired 40 tonne Telescopic Crawler Crane.