Case Study

Roath Tidal Defence Cardiff

Housing Development

ABI TM 13/16SL Telescopic Leader Rig / ABI TM 14/17 Telescopic Leader Rig
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Roath Tidal Defence, Cardiff

SPI Piling Ltd were employed by Dawnus Construction Holdings Ltd to create a flood barrier for the Waterloo Gardens public park in the centre of Cardiff.
The public park is surrounded on all sides by residential properties and has a river which runs through the centre. This is subject to periodic flooding leaving the surrounding properties at risk of flood damage.
SPI Piling Ltd installed ā€˜Zā€™ sheet piles using both telescopic leader rig and a pile press along the entire length of the river on both the north side and the south side banks to prevent the flooding effecting the local residential properties.
The location of the site prompted the requirement to mitigate against environmental impact on the local area, such as noise and vibration as well as access restrictions caused by the local trees and vegetation.
SPI Piling Ltd successfully delivered the high profile scheme making as little impact on the environment by using silent piling techniques as well as restricted access equipment.