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Avoiding the fuel supply Somewhere in Southern England

Directional drilling of water main to avoid critical infrastructure

Horizontal Directional Drilling
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Avoiding the fuel supply

A E Yates Directional Drilling recently completed a project to install two 250mm diameter SDR11 Protectaline plastic water pipes somewhere in the south of the country. We aren't saying where as the pipes passed under a strategically important very high pressure fuel pipeline. The works were carried out using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to complete a water main network.
We selected our recently acquired Ditch Witch JT40AT drilling rig (shown above) as it could provide extra power if required on the project as the ground was very hard compacted chalk with the potential for large nodules of flint occurring at occasional locations along the drilling route. The drill route was carefully monitored using our Digitrak Falcon F5 walkover locating equipment to ensure accuracy and eliminate any risk of ground movement on the fuel pipeline.
This was also monitored by personnel from the fuel pipeline asset company who were with us from pilot bores to each pipe installation witnessing the whole drilling process. Our customer also cut slit trenches to a certain level near, but not too near, the pipeline and visually inspected it for any ground movement within the area of the fuel pipeline.
As can be imagined this was a project that carried considerable risk but was carried out professionally and both of the over 120m drill lengths were installed within a week leaving a very satisfied, and no doubt relieved, customer. Projects like this show that HDD, when carried out with the latest technology and operated by skilled, experienced personnel, can be more cost effective than any other trenchless installation.