Case Study

Logistics Warehouse, Speke Liverpool

Installation of vibro stone columns for a large logistics warehousing project in Speke.

Vibro Stone Columns
2.5 Weeks


Logistically ‘Speke’-ing

This project consisted of the installation of vibro stone columns for a large logistics warehouse in Speke, Liverpool.

The project consisted of just under 1400 columns all installed between 4m – 5m in a mix of sandy and clayey soil conditions. Due to previous site usage there was extensive made ground across the entire footprint of the building. As a result of both the made ground, and in order to reduce the level of vibration for nearby critical services Tritech Ground Engineering utilised a pre-bore rig to pre-bore each column position before following afterwards with the vibro rig to install the actual vibro stone columns.

Despite some column depths being deeper than we often come across, although we can install columns to up to 7m!, and the need to pre-bore each column position Tritech Ground Engineering still managed to complete the project in just under 2.5 weeks by working closely with the client and ensuring maximum efficiency.

We loved doing this job, and can't wait for the next warehousing project we can sink our teeth into!