Case Study

Pinewood Studios Iver, Buckinghamshire

Helping create movie magic

Lime Modification
2 weeks


Pinewood Studios

We completed a project in late 2020 at the iconic Pinewood Studios where, amongst many others, the latest Bond movie No Time to Die was filmed. We were called in following a recommendation from the Principal Contractor Sir Robert McAlpine with whom we have worked well in the past. The site had become very wet due to the weather giving the groundworks contractor Hillstreet the Blues.
The project was small in relative terms, only 2,000cu.m. of treated material, but it was important to the progress of the project overall. The recommendation meant we did not have to audition and mobilised to site a week later. Our team played their part within two weeks and the material was treated with lime in one take to achieve the required 5% CBR.
Although this is a minor project for us it is significant in highlighting our service in this respect as we receive many approaches in the wetter months for exactly this type of response. We do help wherever we can but our very busy workload may mean that we need to have close collaboration to achieve a result. We know it is difficult when weather is involved but the more notice you can give the better - maybe even consider a precautionary pre-emptive treatment.
Also we could not resist the opportunity to rub a bit of stardust off the Bond franchise and lace the newsletter with film industry references to make you groan!