Midgey Gill – Current watercourse project.

Midgey Gill is a small stream / watercourse which runs through Midgey Wood (which is managed by the  Woodland Trust) in Whitehaven. A reach of the watercourse of approximately 30 metres has been  culverted with a large circular reinforced concrete pipe approximately 1 metre in diameter, with a trash- screen located at the inlet.

📍 Midgey Gill, Whitehaven/Cumbria

🤝 In partnership with Environment Agency & The Woodland Trust

Due to a lack of sufficiently regular maintenance, the trash screen inlet has become heavily blocked 
with leaves and general debris from the surrounding wooded area. The Midgey Gill stream is now by-passing the culverted length completely and now flows alongside it.

The culvert has developed a number of holes along its length and large gaps at a number of its joints. These holes and gaps at the pipe joints have been monitored and appear to be worsening.

The Midgey Gill which is now flowing alongside the culvert, has caused erosion around the culvert barrel at some locations which is likely to worsen with time. The culvert is at the toe of a natural slope and there are some concerns regarding the stability of the  slope and its impact on the culvert. 

👷‍♂️ 👷‍♀️ Well done team:
Scott Carter – Site Manager
Alan Hardgrave – Foreman
Rob Overend – Plant Operator
Mark Leslie – Slinger/Banksman
Ross Tweedie – Plant Operator