A E Yates Ltd.’s Irwell Street project, Salford.

A E Yates are currently completing a road reconstruction project on Irwell Street next to the Eden building in Salford. This project is in partnership with Salford City Council. The project is estimated to run until the end of April 2024.

This finished project will include:

  • Cycle lanes in both directions on Irwell Street and a new connection to existing facilities on Trinity Way, protected facilities to be provided where feasible
  • New paving and carriageway surfacing
  • New tactile paving at pedestrian crossings
  • New landscaping and planting to increase the amount of greenery and support more sustainable drainage
  • Introduction of a yellow box junction at the junction of Irwell Street and Stanley Street to support cycle access along Irwell River Park and local access.

Our Vacuum Excavator has recently been at the project to complete earthworks; the use of this machinery avoids hitting any internet cables and water pipes which in turn avoids disrupting the local community.