Not Just Sheet Piling

At SPI Piling we’re not all about sheet piling as some may believe.

We have become the ‘Piling Contractor of Choice’ due to our varied expertise in all aspects of Steel Piling. In addition to the usual sheet piling, we offer our clients other forms of steel piling by installing steel tubular piles (CHS) or Steel ‘H’ Piles should the loading, ground conditions or construction requirements demand. Driven tubular steel piles provide a robust and versatile displacement foundation solution with increased driving abilities. They are produced from recycled steel casings salvaged from the oil and gas industry and often used as an alternative to driven precast concrete piles where difficult or uncertain ground conditions are likely to be encountered. The recycled steel piles are driven using our comprehensive fleet of Modern Piling Equipment. Dependant on the application, and the rig weight, they are driven by ABI Telescopic Leader Rig, Sidegrip Attachment to an excavator or, in the case of large diameter sections, by conventional methods.

Steel Piling Contractor of Choice!

Driven tubular piles provide a clean and rapid installation. They are also immediately ready for follow on construction activities. Piles can be driven in single long lengths up to 20m with the leader rig or segmental lengths ranging from 12m with the Sidegrip attachments to suit the depths required and to minimise wastage. Normally piles are driven open ended and a soil plug is formed internally at the bottom of the casing. Piles are installed to a ‘set’ or ‘refusal’ to achieve the required working load limit. In locations where ground conditions restrict a desired bearing condition driving shoes are commonplace to increase bearing capacity and cross sectional area.

Tubular Steel Piles

In addition to withstanding large axial loads, tubular piles can also accommodate significant horizontal and vertical tension loads induced by large bending moments/horizontal reactions and uplift/heave reactions, respectively. Utilising recycled steel tube also delivers both cost effective and environmental benefits. Tubular steel piles are suitable for driving in difficult or uncertain ground conditions up to 50m deep. They can also tolerate hard driving conditions and obstructions or boulders. Piles may be top driven to ‘set’ or length using our purpose built rigs with hydraulic hammers. The internal void can subsequently be filled with concrete or grout if required and with reinforcement incorporated for bonding into pile caps or ground beams. Normally the tubular piles are driven open ended so that a soil plug is rapidly formed. In exceptional circumstances the open end can be closed using a welded steel plate.

H Piles

H Piles are structural steel columns that are driven into the ground for deep foundation applications. Most soils at or near the surface do not have the mechanical properties to support the vertical loads required for large buildings. H Piles are designed and manufactured to transfer structural loads to deep loadbearing strata as their defined isotropic material properties resist compressive, tensile and lateral forces. H Piles may also be used in conjunction with sheet piles to add lateral stiffness and bending resistance where loading exceeds the capacity of sheet piles alone.

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