The Beast has Arrived

We would like to introduce our latest addition to the fleet at SPI Piling Ltd.

Investment in the business is key to securing the long-term future of the Company, and so this new addition boasts everything that should be expected from Major Capital Investment, such as this.

The New ABI TM17 Telescopic leader rig:

The TM17 offers the maximum versatility with the latest generation of ‘mast-in-mast’ leader design.  It provides more working load capacity, greater pull/crowd force delivered to the pile (around twice the amount), higher torque capacity (+50%) and minimal lateral mast deflection under load.  It is an exceptionally strong mast design with stout kinematics.  This design and construction are also Ideal for VDW/drilling work and pile pressing. 

The rig also comes with our proven D6 Rapid Docking system which affords maximum versatility when exchanging attachments. Not only is its versatility a key ingredient, but this negates any requirement for hose coupling at height by the Operator.

EFFICIENCY DRIVE kit fitted as standard;

The control system reduces in partial load operation the oil flow and adjusts the displacement of the MRZV-VV hydraulic motors to maintain an equal revolution speed. By reducing the hydraulic losses, the diesel consumption during vibrating works is lowered without affecting the maximum performance of the machine. The demand-oriented control system reduces running time and revolution of the cooling fan and lowers the noise emissions of the machine.

In combination with ABI attachments MRZV-VV and MDBA the machine works in partial load significantly quieter and more economical. A load-depending control system adjusts diesel engine revolution and sets the optimal parameter for hydraulic motors and pumps.


Power package with CATERPILLAR diesel engine C-18

470 kW / 639 HP at 1800 rpm

(Emission standard according to EU Stage V / US EPA Tier 4f) water cooled, diesel tank capacity approx. 870 l / content approx. 805 l, exhaust aftertreatment with diesel particulate filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) as well as SCR technology inclusive DEF injection, with DEF-tank.


A Radio remote control system were accessing vehicles at height during loading and unloading is available to the operator, for controlling individually selectable functions in setup mode and as emergency operation unit.

In addition to the ABI Build and technology, SPI Piling have been getting the Machine ready for its first project.

As part of this process, further investment into safety devices has been made.

This machine is fitted with Safety Shield, A lifesaving AI Collision Avoidance Technology.

A camera-based collision avoidance system, Safety Shield uses AI to identify people who are in the danger zone of moving plant and machinery. The system is trained to filter out all other objects and only detects the human form, acting as a third eye for the operator and sounding an alert if a collision is imminent.

The Safety Shield system scans and detects all objects around it, but the smart technology will only alert the operator to pedestrians and vulnerable site personnel entering the danger recognition zones.

Through filtering out all objects, the Safety Shield system reduces unnecessary distractions for the plant operator, allowing them uninterrupted focus on the task in hand.

An additional module has also been fitted to feature an external alarm and the Digital Thumbs Up display to allow site personnel to approach the machine safely.

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Take a look at the data sheets

HERE for ABI TM17 Telescopic leader Rig Specifications

HERE for ABI TM17 Telescopic leader Rig Technical Specifications