Temporary and Permanent Solutions

If you’re thinking of using piles as let’s say foundations beneath your building, or even as a retaining structure, the more traditional concrete approach may once have been the first solution you would think of, these piles would more than often be built in situ at the work site, requiring long construction durations, and enormous volumes of material deliveries to enable the construction of the piles.

All structures have a design life according to the work they are doing and the environment they are situated. At the end of the design life of a building, structure or harbour wall, the structure would be demolished. The more traditional concrete structures are broken down and recycled into re-usable aggregates, HOWEVER, the foundations or elements much further below ground are left behind. They are unrecoverable, and thus are at the end of their useful life.

Steel piles however can be removed, extracted, and RECYCLED or REUSED (Repurposed) into other products or simply reused on another structure. This itself means that the USE of steel in this manner is entirely sustainable and is a major contributor to the circular economy.

At SPI Piling Ltd, we offer a full supply, install, and extraction service for all types of steel and sheet piling using recognised suppliers or our 3000te + owned stock providing value for money to clients.

We encourage the re-use of steel piles through our holding of around 3000 tonnes of stock at our yard for projects requiring temporary sheet piles and ‘sale and buy-back’ options. Steel piles sold through either of these services are used in limited period scenarios. We carry a wide range of trench sheet, sheet piles and steel sections for sale or hire by customers and contractors.

Design of Permanent and Temporary solutions

SPI Piling Ltd, plays a crucial role as ‘Piling Contractor of Choice’ in both temporary and permanent solutions.

Let’s start with the


Temporary steel sheet piles have traditionally been used for construction projects where a temporary solution is needed.

SPI Piling Ltd’s design team assesses the feasibility of a sheet piling scheme. If steel piles aren’t suitable, we would propose alternative methods for temporary earth works.

We encourage early involvement with our clients and contractors to maximize the benefits of our in-house design team and experienced and knowledgeable team.

Temporary Works Procedures

Our design team and works adheres to a temporary works procedures, producing all relevant documentation, Certificates and we follow industry standards like Euro Codes, British Standard and Ciria 95.

We are also a member of the Temporary Works Forum.

 Design of Permanent Works Solutions

Permanent steel sheet piles are designed for long service life and are increasingly used in permanent structures.

Such as Basement structures / Quay Walls / Bearing Piles / Retaining Walls.

SPI Piling Ltd have been involved in designing and installing steel-intensive underground basement structures, such as – Riverside, Kendal – Alexandra House, Altrincham.

Quay Wall structures – UIG Harbour – Scrabster Harbour – IOM Ferry Terminal.

Foundation Bearing Piles – West Waterloo dock – Neptune Quay – Metal Works Slough.


And handling some of the largest and most technically challenging projects in the UK, such as Mersey Gateway and New Queensferry Crossing to name only two.

Us at SPI Piling Ltd, have a great reputation for innovation, expertise and knowledge which enables us to tackle complex steel piling projects for permanent works.

That’s why we are:


Steel piling offers a flexibility to be able to adapt or be adapted to many different solutions, meaning our In-house design team can ensure efficient and effective outcomes for permanent and temporary works.

Steel piling offers several advantages in construction and civil engineering projects. Let’s explore them:

Sustainable Solutions reducing impact to the environment.

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Here are some of our largest and most technically challenging Permanent steel piling projects in the UK. 

Steel piles can be driven into the ground using various methods, such as Tosa, Leader Rig or Excavator with an attachment such as an impact hammers or vibratory equipment.

Our Fleet with their Technical information.

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