Telescopic Leader Rig

Vibratory Leader Rigs

SPI Piling Limited, own and operate a comprehensive fleet of modern Telescopic Leader Rigs, which can be fitted with a range of attachments to ensure that optimum performance and safety is achieved during sheet pile installation and extraction.

The multi-functional Telescopic Leader Mast provides support for all attachments required for sheet pile driving, extracting, augering and static sheet pile pressing operations. This eliminates the requirement for traditional temporary works. In addition, the rigs have very short set up times (less than 30 mins from transport to operation configuration), and the tracked carrier system offers high mobility on all construction sites.

State of the art VV Technology and variable moment hammers ensure that vibration oscillations are reduced to a minimum. Consequently a considerable reduction in vibration is achieved during pile installation and extraction.

The ABI Efficiency Drive harnesses the control of the hydraulic pressures, without the need to increase the engine demand, whilst maintaining maximum power at the attachment, resulting in lower fuel demand, decreased emissions and a much quieter experience.

If your project requires it, it can be fitted with the ABI HPZ or HPU Hydropress attachment, to install AZ profile and U profile piles with ZERO vibration, useful when working near or adjacent to sensitive Service Apparatus or Existing/ sensitive structures.

The newer ABI TM17 is also fitted with the latest Human Form Recognition (HFR) system. This is a four camera system, alerting the piling rig operator to the presence of personnel within a set area around the piling rig. This is the latest step in our continued efforts to minimise the risk with people plant interfaces.

Safety Shield is the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) human form recognition safety system on the market. A camera-based collision avoidance system, it uses AI to identify people who are in the danger zone of moving plant and machinery. Safety Shield identifies only the human form in the designated detection zone and will only alert the operator if a collision with a pedestrian or vulnerable site personnel is imminent.

To accompany this we the digital thumbs up system is also seen fitted to this rig. This digital concept provides site personnel with absolute certainty that it is safe for them to approach or pass the machine within the danger zone.

This machine is at the forefront of its rivals and is available for you to whether for contract works or even a hire!