At Your Service!

Since ­Tritech Ground Engineering was formed four years agowe have not stopped growing. The rosta of services offered has now grown to four. Ground Improvement, Driven Piling and Integrated Foundations have now been joined by the launch of our Restricted Access service. As Kirsty Wark would say on Channel 4 News – more on this later. For now we thought it might be useful to give a quick overview of the services we now offer. 

Ground improvement by the design and installation of vibrodisplacement (stone columns) is an very economical means of enhancing ground bearing capacity and limiting settlements in geotechnically difficult and problematic soils. The technique can improve the site soil conditions to a level that will perform satisfactorily for the engineering requirements of the proposed structure.

The design and installation of precast concrete piles which are versatile and suited to most ground conditions. Piles are supplied in 200mm, 250mm and 275mm square sizes in sections from 3m to 9m in length to suit the design loading requirements. The piles are planned for delivery in accordance with the programme and installed quickly so as not to take up site space. Piles are installed by our custom built lightweight rigs with consequential savings in piling platform thickness.

Designed and fabricated off site our Integrated Foundation system has advantages over traditional wet poured concrete foundations. The precast concrete beams are delivered to site ready for immediate installation onto our prepared pile heads. Follow-on trades such as brick and blockwork, together with suspended floors, can commence without waiting for concrete to cure. Our beam installation rate also exceeds traditional methods with no reliance on the weather conditions or concrete deliveries.

The new kid in town. You may remember in our previous issue we said we were planning our next move – well here it is. We will give you a better insight and provide more in depth information in the next issue of the newsletter. For now we can say that this service will cover bored piling, bottom driven piling and overburden drilling solutions. So, once again, watch this space!

We would be pleased to discuss any ground engineering needs or requirements you may have. From feasibility stage onwards our team of engineers would be delighted to provide advice on the most approriate service through design and installation pricing to installation with our own rigs, crews and equipment. Please contact us through the contact page on our website.