Case Study

Building B2, Wood Wharf Isle of Dogs, London

Design, supply and installation of temporary works

Contract No.
Bachy Soletanche
6 Weeks


Wood Wharf

As part of the ongoing redevelopment at Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs we were engaged by Bachy Soletanche to design, supply and install the significant temporary works element.
The temporary works required were critical to enable main construction activities to take place directly to the rear of an existing wharf wall.
Our inhouse design team developed a cellular type cofferdam with high tensile tie rods and internal walings as the perfect solution.
The cofferdam will support the existing listed wharf walls during construction, allowing the existing tie rods to be detached, permitting the construction of a deep basement as part of the main redevelopment of Wood Wharf.
Piles were installed using conventional methods over the duration of four weeks of followed by a little over two weeks of tie rod installation.