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We own and operate a comprehensive range of specialist modern piling equipment including state of the art ABI Telescopic Leaded Rigs equipped with the very latest variable moment vibratory hammer (VV Hammers) and augering equipment, TOSA Still Worker Vibrationless Hydraulic pile pressing equipment and Excavator Mounted Movax Side Grip Hammers, Impact Hammers and a complete range of conventional piling plant and associated equipment. All of our plant is detailed below, and is available for contract work or hire, please contact us via our Contact Us web page or call us on 0845 450 7475


ABI Telescopic Leader Rigs


SPI Piling Ltd own and operate a comprehensive fleet of modern Telescopic Leader Rigs which can be fitted with a range of attachments to ensure optimum performance and safety is achieved during sheet pile installation and sheet pile extraction.

The multifunctional Telescopic Leader Mast provides support for all attachments required for sheet pile driving, extracting, augering and static sheet pile pressing operations, thus eliminating the requirement for traditional temporary works. In addition, the rigs have very low set up times (less than 30mins from transport to operation configuration), and the tracked carrier system offers high mobility on all construction sites.

The state of the art VV Technology and variable moment hammers ensure that vibration oscillations are reduced to a minimum. Consequently, consideration on reduced vibration outputs, can be given to vibratory sheet pile installation and extraction using these hammers where previously this cause a problem.  



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Excavator and Movax Rigs


The Movax vibratory hammer unit is attached to the end of the dipper arm of a 360º excavator. The vibratory unit can be rotated vertically and horizontally.

The Movax vibratory hammer is used to lift each single sheet pile from the stockpile. Whilst holding the pile the hammer is turned in order to pitch the pile vertically and then drive it to level.

The Movax vibratory hammer is able to grip each pile approximately half way up the pile and drive the pile into the ground. This allows piles up to 12m long to be installed using this method. Once the pile is part driven, the hammer can be turned so the pile is driven from the top of the pile. driving the pile from the side allows piles to be driven in areas where access is restricted.

The Movax Side Grip vibratory hammers are available in a range of sizes to suit various sizes of excavators.

Piles accuracy is monitored via electronic instrumentation in the drivers cab.

The Movax unit is less powerful than telescopic leader rig mounted vibratory hammers, therefore consideration must be given when choosing the correct piling rig.

Movax offers an optimised way-of-working for higher productivity and significant savings.

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The Tosa Silent & Vibrationless Piler


The Kowan Still Worker presses piles into the groud with no noise or vibration - ideal for built up / urban areas.

This TOSA silent vibrationless pile press enables piles to be installed and extracted in highly sensitive locations; they are compact in size so are also ideally suited to height restricted sites i.e. in buildings or under bridges and can press piles into most soil types although, depending on stiffness / density, pre-augering or water jetting is sometimes required.

After installing the first 3 piles from a reaction stand, it travels along the installed piles using the reactionary force to press the next pile in (instead of using a hammering or vibratory action) thus creating very little noise or vibration. It is a self-travelling machine and doesn't need and other piece of machinery to assist it - apart from a crane that lifts the pile into the chuck of the pile press.

Alternatively Hydraulic press attachments are available for the Leader Rigs, allowing faster outputs by installing piles in  panels of 4, with no vibration at all!!

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2316 VM Hammer


A smaller hammer than the 24 VM. Working on Vibration this hammer needs no Rig; it is a Crane Suspended piece of kit and is used for Conventional works only.

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24 VM Hammer


A larger hammer than the 2316 VM. Working on Vibration, this hammer can work like the 2316 Rig. It is suspended from a cranet and used for Conventional works only.

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Dawson HPH 1200 Hydraulic Impact hammer


The Hydraulic Impact Hammer, as its name suggests, works on impact as against vibration with the VM Vibratory Hammers. The hammer is rig mounted and is used for percussive works.

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